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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

PS4 & PS5

Sound Implementer



I was rehired on the Sucker Punch audio team to help ship the Director's Cut for Ghost of Tsushima. We used PS5 dev kits and continued to use the proprietary game engine and Wwise. I resumed my responsibilities tagging sfx to cutscenes and animations, as well as testing out all the corners of the game for audio bugs.

I focused on some of the animals around Iki Island like the monkeys and the cats. They had many blend animations that required careful placement and testing to ensure they sounded authentic and realistic.

As the tagging work began to slow, I got to work on the haptics for some cutscenes. This was extremely interesting and more art than science. The PS5 controller can reproduce frequencies below 300 hz - ish that can be felt as vibrations through the controller. I would identify which areas would need haptic effects, pull those sound effects out into their own track, and then iterate on the feel. It was a fun exercise learning and testing what felt "right" or "wrong" - which frequencies responded well and how transients worked with the controller's motor. 

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