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Sound designer

MSF Reels
Tye Hastings   MSF SFX Reel 2024

Tye Hastings MSF SFX Reel 2024

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Tye Hastings - MSF SFX Reel 2023

Tye Hastings - MSF SFX Reel 2023

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Tye Hastings - MSF SFX Reel 2022

Tye Hastings - MSF SFX Reel 2022

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All videos are captured in-editor in Unity. All sound design work is original.


I am currently the lead sound designer on Marvel Strike Force (MSF). I design, implement, and playtest two to four characters per patch. MSF is a mobile, live-service game with patches releasing roughly every two months.

Each character in the Marvel universe is unique and I strive to create interesting sound design to compliment each one. Sometimes that includes recording new VO suites for special characters like Dark Beast, Dormammu, or one-shot lines like laughs for Green Goblin.

We use a shared, modular system in Wwise for all VO and foley sfx. These are set on switch containers and correspond to each MSF character. The VO system covers all hit reactions as well as exerts. The foley set covers all whooshes for jumps, footsteps, and some movement foley.

I also provide audio for new UI or features that get released. Time Heist is a feature I supported with ambience, buttons, and sfx. Multiple states were needed to be set and created in Wwise to transition the background music in and out as well as events to trigger all the new sfx.


We use Unity, Wwise, and Perforce. I also manage all audio related bugs, Wwise upgrades, and external audio contractors. I troubleshoot and debug audio problems within C# scripts and prefab components.

To package the files, we convert .bnk files to .pck files for mobile builds. This adds another layer of implementation work. A tool is used that takes the .bnk files and the Wwise_IDs.cs file and creates .pck files from the two.


I provide help with any technical issues within the audio team as well as provide feedback on design work. I am in regular contact with the design, implementation, animation, and vfx teams to ensure proper audio playback and function. I create and update audio documentation for new hires and how-to's as well as keep the Confluence pages updated. I manage all plugin licenses and created a spreadsheet with all important information documented and organized for the legal team. 

Outside of MSF work, I provide audio for internal prototypes and spec out audio requirements and style guides for these new games, presenting the final documents to leads and shareholders. Many of the audio tools were out of date or no longer working when I was hired. I created an update and design document and worked with engineers to upgrade these tools.

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