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Rescue Pets

iOS & Android

Sound designer & Composer

All implementation, sound design, and music are original.


Rescue Pets is an idle clicker mobile game about owning a pet shelter. I was hired to design the Wwise sfx and music systems and create the sfx and music for the game. For the sfx, the system and implementation was straightforward, a few sounds in a random container and one event for the triggers. The sfx were simple, bubbly, cute, and stylized to match the tone and visuals of the game. 

The music system was slightly more complex, with tracks broken out into multiple parts and randomized on looping playback to provide variation and interest. In the video above I demonstrate how I did this. I composed multiple short tracks for each event or season in the game, one for Halloween, Christmas, springtime, etc. These can be heard below.







I also helped with the install and setup between Unity and Wwise. I managed my own contract and deadlines with the team, working back and forth with the owner on iterations and new requests. 

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